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Al-Dahaan Group is a contracting company with multiple specializations, where its success lies in its highly skilled and loyal team of professionals. The company has witnessed continuous success and steady growth which consists with its extended resources and expertise which made it one of the largest contracting entities in the local contracting market. The wide range of activities extends to include: civil engineering, roads, bridges, water and sewage networks, power generation and transmission lines, buildings and infrastructure, water and wastewater treatment, oil and gas and related pipelines in support of the production of petrochemicals, port and marina renovation and maintenance activities. This confirms our ability to meet and exceed the client's requirements in connection with comprehensive engineering and management capabilities from a vision of quality implementation and timely completion.

The pivotal values and beliefs of Gulf Coast Company form the basis of its behavior and daily dealings with individuals and depend mainly on customer satisfaction: Customer requirements and satisfaction are the basis on which Gulf Coast builds its profitability and growth, and no project is accomplished without giving full appreciation to the customer and ensuring that his requirements are fulfilled. Extended relationships are intended to relate to personal and organizational integrity in operations.

AL DAHAN GROUP assures that all projects are implemented on time, in parallel with the requirements of the contract, and the quality of work and service is clear at all levels during all stages of the project.

AL DAHAN GROUP recognizes that it is distinguished by its employees who deal with customers on site and in the office. Distinguished performance can be achieved through enthusiastic and convincing employees with specific goals, responsibilities, authority and responsibility, and appreciation of efforts when they are due.

AL DAHAN GROUP aims to be a leading infrastructure and development company offering a wide range of construction, infrastructure and engineering products, services and solutions to customers, sustainable profitability for shareholders and a great place to work for employees.

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Baghdad, IRAQ 

Tel: +964 773 244 44 70

      +964 783 244 44 70

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