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Basra Salt factory

The Basra Saltine project is considered one of the most important and largest projects developed by the El Dahan Group. The project includes an integrated industrial city in Al-Faw city, in the south of Basra Governorate. It consists of four huge production lines, which are the industrial salt production line, the medical salt production line, and the standard salt production line. Production of saline tablets and powders


Where the development plan will take place in four phases, starting from the production of 150,000 tons annually until reaching a capacity of 500,000 tons annually, and this will cover the needs of the local markets in addition to exporting abroad.


​Salt exists in various forms, such as rock salt, and also in sea water (which is what is meant in the Al-Faw project). It may also be found on surfaces, as in the dried remains of ancient seas. Where in our project, salt is extracted from sea water by evaporation





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