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Oil and Gas Services

As in the world, the primary energy source in our country is oil and natural gas. In this regard, these two sources are of strategic importance. Oil and natural gas are major inputs in many sectors and the driving force of the economy. In general, the world's primary energy sources are oil by 33 percent, natural gas by 23 percent, coal by 30 percent, nuclear power by 5 percent, hydropower by 6 percent, and renewable energy by 6 percent. 3 percent. In our country, these prices do not differ much. Oil and gas extraction activities are carried out in several main operations: exploration, well development and production. Exploration includes exploration of rock formations associated with oil or natural gas reserves, geophysical exploration, and drilling.












Well development includes studies to determine whether the reserve is of economic value. Production activities include the extraction of oil or natural gas, and the separation of liquid hydrocarbons, gas, water, and solids. Oil is often processed in a refinery, while natural gas is processed in the field or at a natural gas processing plant. We provide fully design or custom design, and providing construction services for multi-Nationalities companies, organizations operating in oil and gas. We have ability to work in a very difficult areas that can be sometimes a big challenge to others. On the part of our local knowledge, Outstanding productivity levels, technical expertise,
Effective resource allocation and other best practices that allow us to build structures and the right services while taking into consideration all the requirements of the surrounding regions and our customers' requirements.

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