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Safety Policy

Al Dahan Group Company is committed to its responsibilities in every respect of safety, which are integral to the way it does business. In building a legacy that every employee, their families & future generations can be fiercely proud of, the group develops, implements and maintains management systems for safety that are consistent with internationally recognized standards and:
• Entrench safety as a core value that is never compromised
the pursuit of any other objective.
• Identify, assess and manage risks or employees, con-tractors, service providers and communities
• Strive towards a world-class safety culture.
• Meet and, where appropriate, exceed applicable legal and other requirements
In implementing this policy, AL-DAHAAN GROUP commits to open communication with employees, contractors, service providers and communities to encourage a culture that reflects the intent of this policy. The group is committed to continual improvement and will regularly review its performance and report on progress. The group will ensure that this policy remains relevant to the needs of all stakeholders.
AL-DAHAAN GROUP is sincerely interested in the safety and welfare of our employees. Accident prevention is essential in maintaining an efficient operation. It is our policy that our safety rules shall be strictly observed at all times. Although these rules are to be considered very important, it is impossible to publish a rule that covers every Circumstance. If a rule that might cover a specific hazardous condition has been omitted, that shall not be an excuse for disregard of common sense in the safe performance of your work. The possession or consumption of alcohol, drugs or any other controlled substance is against policy and violators are subject to immediate dismissal. AL-DAHAAN GROUP assist an employee to find a suitable treatment facility if a problem is discussed with their superintendent. Each employee is urged to cooperate full of this policy. Abuse or disregard of this policy is a violation and will be treated accordingly. Remember, your help in preventing accidents and Injuries benefits you and your fellow employees- -we should all strive for a record of zero accidents.


Responsibility and Accountability
While AL-DAHAAN GROUP Company holds its leaders accountable for the safety of its people and expect its managers and supervisors to provide effective leadership in safety, the group equally expects all individuals to be responsible for their own health and safety and those around them commensurate with their level of authority and sphere of influence. The management of each operating group is responsible for the full implementation of safety management systems. This requires the allocation of appropriate resources and the provision of training, education, consultation, audits and monitoring to ensure legal compliance and the achievement of a world-class safety culture.
AL-DAHAAN GROUP ongoing focus on improving safety at its operations not only safeguards its license to operate, but also strengthens its position as a socially responsible employer and business partner. The value the Company places on the safety of employees, subcontractors, partners and any visitors to its sites is reflected in the safety vision, «Home Without Harm Everyone Everyday»


Company Management

Has overall responsibility for the company's safety program and regularly reaffirms support for loss control activities Ensures that all employees are informed of top management's commitment to safety and the abidance of all federal, state, and local regulations. Establish company safety rules and programs, and provides supervision with the backing, training and funds to implement these rules and programs.

Safety Coordinator
Responsible for implementation and monitoring the safety program. Reviews and maintains current copy of all applicable Federal, State, and local safety and health regulations. Implements and monitors safety training programs and provides safety materials as needed. Assists site supervision in accident investigation and recommends controls to prevent a reoccurrence. Assures proper notification in the event of an accident.

Supervisors / Foremen
Responsible for the safety of their employees and oversees the compliance with the safety program and applicable state, federal, and local regulations. Arranges for prompt medical attention in case of an injury and provides a through written investigative report with recommendation to prevent a reoccurrence.

Responsible for learning and abiding by the rules and regulations which are applicable to their Assigned tasks. Reports all accidents and near-misses Perform their functions in the safest possible manner and encourage co-workers to do likewise.

Lacing on the payroll. The applicant will be interviewed by an AL-DAHAAN GROUP supervisor that is familiar with the physical and mental requirements for the job. Areas that include prior employment, health record, prior job injuries and illness will be discussed to assist in determining applicants' capabilities for performing the job. Notes on the discussion can he recorded on the back of the Employee Questionnaire.
Where possible to do so, telephone reference checks will be made with at least two prior employers.
On employees that will drive a company vehicle or drive their own vehicle and pull a company trailer, a current, valid drivers license is required the license number and expiration date will be Recorded in the employees file. All subsequent tickets and accidents must be immediately reported to your immediate supervisor.
A Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) check will be made on the employees described above at the time of employment and at least every two years thereafter. When the MVR shows accidents or violations, the employees' supervisor will counsel this employee to promote a better driving record and take other administrative action as appropriate.

When a new employee is hired, orientation training of the employee will be done by the Superintendent to cover such areas as: company safety rules and procedures, emergency procedures including fire extinguisher use, personal protective equipment that is required on the job, what the company expects from the employee, and our Hazard Communication Program. Refresher Has-Com training will be completed at any time that new materials used in the operations offer any new exposure potential.
When the Has-Com training is completed, the Superintendent will give the employee a copy of the Has-Com Program, and complete a training certificate, which is then sent to the office to be retained.

Hard Hats -All employees are required to wear a hard hat on every job site at all times Eye Protection - All employees are required to wear safety glasses (with side-shields on the job site at all times.
Fall Protection - All employees exposed to falls over 6ft are required to be trained on and use proper fall protection. On scaffolds, the trigger height is 10ft. For steel erection activities, the trigger height is 15 feet Hand Protection - All employees involved in operations exposing hands to cuts, chemicals, burns, etc. are required to wear gloves. Rubber Boots - Employees involved in operations exposing the feet/legs to such hazards as concrete burns during placing uncured concrete are required to wear rubber boots in good condition. Other - Specific jobs may cause the need for other personal protective equipment. When this occurs, the employee is expected to utilize this equipment. It is the Job Superintendents responsibility to see that equipment in use is appropriate and in good condition.

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