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Road &

Rehabilitation projects for roads and highways,

as well as bridges and sidewalks

Avman Mishab (Al Sidiya and Manthoor) 3km

Tender Number and Date: (3/Roads and Bridges/2007)
Execution Period: 120 days
Beneficiary body: Directorate of roads and bridges, Basra Governorate
Project Value:  1,869,250,000 IQD
The work shall include the following:
• Sand raising works with a height of (1.5 mx9 m) Quantity (71,000 m°
• Installation of a double arched pipe diameter (1 m) Length (57 M.L)
• Installation of a steel bridge (H-Pile) Length (35×7m
• Supply and laying of mixing Gravel Type C, thickness (15cm) quantity (24,500 m?)
•Supply and laying of kiri base thickness (10 cm), quantity (2,100 m°)

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Status : Completed

Rehabilitation of Shatt al-Arab Entrance. (Shalamga)

Tender Number and Date: (14/Investment plan/2010)
Project Name:
Execution Period: 50 day
Beneficiary body: Directorate of Roads and Bridges.
Project Value: 259,900,000 IQD
The work shall include the following:
• Supplying materials and constructing concrete side-template of (1500m) length.
• Supplying materials and applying the sidewalks with colored Mugarnas bricks (1500m2).
• Supplying materials required to spray a primary hot bituminous layer (Prime coat) and applying a layer of bituminous foundation of (10cm
thickness, (6100m2).
• Supplying materials required to apply a hot superficial layer with thickness not less than of (5cm) thickness (4200m).

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Status : Completed


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