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Heavy Engineering Equipment

For heavy equipment or engineering equipment, they are equipment   that bear heavy work, are specially designed for construction tasks, and are used in construction work or oil and gas extraction. Heavy equipment usually consists of five equipment systems: executive, tractor, construction, generator, and control and information systems. Our company provides many of these equipment, including:
• Manufacture of oil and gas heavy equipment.
• Design & manufacturing and install vertical tanks with different Capacities up to (30.000 m3) for liguids, water and oil
• Design and manufacturing horizontal tanks with different capacities for water. liguids and oil.
• Maintenance for (water & fire) tube boilers and heat exchangers of all kinds.
• Design and manufacturing of fire tube boilers.
• Manufacturing and install of high-pressure vessels.
• Design and manufacturing of shell & tube heat exchangers.
• Manufacturing and maintenance of expansion joints, air ducts and gases in power plants.

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